First time to post from a Samsung Galaxy S10+

At 4:15 a.m. I had an epiphany. Realized I had never posted to any of our WordPress productions with a phone! Having acquired three new Samsung Galaxy S10+ phones for our staff on the Costco Black Friday promotion, I am eager to see how well this works. Particularly excited about the features of these phones, almost as excited as I am to have this two sibling Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies to add to our entrepreneurial family’s storytelling efforts.

Introducing Lady Guinevere and King Arthur! Born on September 5, 2019, they became a part of our lives on November14. If you follow me on Facebook, you are bound to catch me streaming some of their adventures LIVE on video. Aren’t they just precious?! 🥰

Our Corgi Kids
Introducing Our Corgi Kids