2024-02-05 Howdy from BarbTUSA

This is the first time for me to sign on from my phone in years! My apologies for stepping away for so long.  I have been spending the majority of my online time in Facebook groups for the past several years. Just yesterday Mark Zuckerberg reminded us that he launched The Facebook on February 4, 2004. Yes, 20 years ago! Wow! I know firsthand that time flies.  I clearly need to get back out here on the wild web for a bit. I am short on time now, but rest assured, I’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, you can find me on Facebook at BarbTUSA. I’ve actually set up link page to make finding me easy at barbtusa.com.

Note: This image is one of many avatar images I’ve created with DALL-E-3 since the first of the year. I have been using AI apps daily since fourth quarter 2022 and absolutely love the ChatGBT/DALL-E-3 combo. I’m eagerly awaiting the next ChatGPT update. I also love using the combo with Bing Create. For the first time since Google was launched, I find myself using the Edge browser from my laptop more often; I am convinced that has everything to do with Bing Create. I love having CoPilot to call upon in managing my Facebook groups.